California Is Indoctrinating Kindergartners

The curriculum we’re talking about presents transgender ideology and same-sex relationships as positive.

Recently, California decided that the education for kindergartners in public schools should include information on gender identity. California teachers are going to be explaining gender fluidity to children. The sexually explicit and dangerous agenda of a minority is being imposed on the majority.

Page 45 of the K-3 guidelines states:

“While students may not fully understand the concepts of gender expression and identity, some children in kindergarten and even younger have identified as transgender or understand they have a gender identity that is different from their sex assigned at birth.”

This has been approved by the California Board of Education.

The curriculum we’re talking about presents transgender ideology and same-sex relationships as positive. The curriculum suggests that children choose this lifestyle. Kindergartners.

Page 46 of the guidelines states:

“Members of the community who defy traditional stereotypes (e.g., women firefighters, male nurses, and stay-at-home fathers/guardians/caretakers) could be invited as guest speakers to share about their jobs and to serve as role models and myth busters. Be sure to include individuals of all genders, including people who are transgender.”

One of the books removed from the recommended reading list was “S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-to-Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Your Teens and Twenties,” which describes anal sex and bondage. Luckily California had sense enough NOT to give this book to 5 year old children, at least for now. A book that was kept on the recommended reading list is “My Princess Boy.”  

If you’re in California and wondering,  parents can’t remove their children from this indoctrination. Parental rights are being stripped. California is resisting common sense.


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79% of voters believe that illegal immigration is bad for America.

Up to  46% of voters nationwide supported President Donald Trump when he proposed sending illegal immigrants straight to sanctuary cities. As a country, we can’t handle more than 100,000 people per month coming into the United States in manners inconsistent with our laws and regulations.

But when we have politicians and places that advocate for letting these people come into the United States in manners inconsistent with our laws and regulations, does it not make sense to assume it would be okay, let alone welcomed to send these people there?

Almost half of all Republican voters consider illegal immigration a national security threat for America. Many Democratic politicians consider illegal immigration to be a non-issue, let alone a security issue.

Why are Democratic politicians in heavily Democratic cities opposed to taking in the poor, down on their luck migrants they rant and rave about in the streets?

How can Democrats argue that illegal immigrants strengthen our sovereignty as a nation?

Politicians who oppose getting control of the people who enter this country in a manner different than the way in which the laws/regulations prescribe, must contend with one fact: 79% of voters believe that illegal immigration is bad for America.

You can be pro-immigration while requiring that people follow the rules. In what other example does this same logic apply?

Some people may not believe that passing a test should be required to obtain a drivers license. Maybe they should deem those who want to uphold the requirement of passing a drivers test anti-driver.

Some people may not believe that passing an exam should be required to become a doctor. Maybe they should deem those who want to uphold the requirement of passing an exam anti-doctor, anti-healthcare.

Let’s go back to the quote above, 79% of voters believe that illegal immigration is bad for America. Question. Does this quote mean that 79% of voters don’t want ANY immigrants?


Here is another fact to be considered: 29% of voters think granting legal status to those illegal immigrants already here is more important than dealing with illegal immigration.

There are more voters that believe illegal immigration is bad, than there are voters that believe that we need to immediately grant legal status to the illegal immigrants already here. So when politicians say we need to “deal with the illegal immigrants here before we can deal with the illegal immigrants on their way or at the border” be advised that they are not representing the will of the American people.

If you are one of the people that have been mislabeled for simply asking questions, know this… It is okay to ask questions, and you should.

When you get on an airplane, they ask… Who are you?

When you apply for a job, they ask… Who are you?

When you go to the welfare office for welfare benefits, they ask… Who are you?

When you start school, they ask… Who are you?

When you start a business, the Secretary of State and IRS ask… Who are you?

In this country, when you travel, you are asked for identification. Why can we not ask for identification from the people traveling here?

In this country, when you try to positively impact the economic status of your family, you are asked for identification. Why can we not as for identification from those coming to this country seeking to positively impact the economic status of their families?

In this country, when you are down on your luck and need help from the government, you are asked for identification. Why can we not ask for identification from those seeking help from our government?

In this country, when you make a decision to increase your earning potential, by means of an education, you are asked for identification. Why can we not ask for identification from those who have made a decision to increase their earning potential, by means of an education?

In this country, when you start a business, the Secretary of State, in your local state, and IRS ask for identification of the individuals behind the organization. Why can we not ask for identification from those who wish to release their entrepreneurial genius here in the United States of American?

Who are you?

This is a fundamental question of American society.

Some people say that President Trump could not have been serious in making the suggestion to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. We think he was, and is, serious, but for the benefit of this post, we’ll give the other side the benefit of the doubt and assume they are right. Let’s assume the President wasn’t serious about sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Should this assumption detract from our nations need for a serious debate about the best way to address the problem of illegal immigration?

Here’s one last fact to consider: Politicians in sanctuary cities, they can’t have it both ways, they can’t demand the nation take in illegal immigrants while closing their city and state borders to illegal immigrants. Do you want them here or do you want them to leave, make up your mind.



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Utah Will Not Follow New York

The Utah Vital Statistics Act H.B. 153 will stop people in Utah from changing the gender on their birth certificates, and we support this legislation, unlike Introduction 954-A, signed into law on October 2018, by New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, which includes a third sex designation on birth certificates. Those in New York City who identify as neither male or female, the only two genders we’ve ever known, are now able to change the gender on their birth certificate to ‘X’, as of January 1, 2019.

What about the 52 year old man who identifies as a 6 year old girl? See Him Here

Is his reality not equally deserving of recognition by society?

What about those that are trans-species and identify as say, a cat? See A Trans-Species Here

In New York, how are they determining who and whats reality they are going to officially recognize? Does Mayor Bill de Blasio also advocate for the trans-species in his state? In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed to have the requirement to provide supporting documentation from a medical professional, to change your gender, removed. You don’t even need a qualified professional to assist you in New York.

Walking down the streets of New York and feeling like a cat? Think it, speak it and so shall it be. Thank you Mayor Bill de Blasio. We also can’t forget to thank Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

In Utah, the people’s representatives at least stand up for all people, including babies. While in New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio is okay with babies being referred to as ‘X’, as if they aren’t human, in Utah, Representative Merrill Nelson and Senator Ralph Okerlund want babies to be assigned a gender at birth, because they are, after all, people.

View The Utah Legislation

As an organization, like the state of Utah, we don’t condone harassment or harm to anyone, especially when they are dealing with a mental health issue. Like Utah, yet again, unlike New York, we want to promote legislation and legislators that promote scientifically based… REALITY. We are not opposed to, nor would we support legislation that prohibits individuals from living their lives in a manner that reflects their gender identity, but this changing birth certificates stuff is funny business, and we can’t ignore it, and neither should you.

Where does it stop?

Give them an inch, they demand foot, then they take a mile. 

Before you know it…

In New York, they don’t even require proof that transsexuals and transgenders are undergoing hormone treatment or getting sex-change surgery if they want to change the gender on their birth certificate.

Literally, the process is as follows:

  1. Think it.
  2. Feel it.
  3. Say it.
  4. Scream it.
  5. Force it.

Whala…. You’ve just changed genders. Now you just need the paperwork. They’ll probably be getting rid of that next. At least the entire process will be eco-friendly.

The English Language Unity Act of 2017

Did you know that 81% of Americans believe that English should be our official language of the United States?

We’re aware of the fact that it’s 2019. 

We’ve just welcomed a new Congress but the battle for official legislation, making English our official language, is still on the legislative table. Our organization is keeping tabs on H.R.997, which establishes English as the official language of the United States. This Resolution also establishes a uniform language requirement for those undergoing  our citizen naturalization process.

Despite the fact that Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives, we are confident in the success of this Resolution due to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, sponsored by ProEnglish. The poll reported that 81% of Americans believe that English should be our official language of the United States.

The bill also stipulates that any person injured by a violation of the bill may obtain relief, including a declaratory judgment, in a civil action.

If you would like to view the bill yourself: Click Here

To reference the Senate version of this bill search for S. 678.

Continue reading “The English Language Unity Act of 2017”

Rejecting Sanctuary State Status

Is wanting your state to be safe, by means complying with Federal Immigration Law, hatred?

Does it seem like only one side is being heard on this issue?

How much influence should non-citizens have over American Immigration Policy?

When politicians fight to ensure their non-citizen constituents will be admitted to the U.S. and allowed to remain here, are they working directly against the best interest of the American people?

Donald Trump, by no means, is the perfect President. We can’t even say, as an organization, if we would have supported him during the election. But what we can say now, is that since his election, we have seen a new willingness, on the part of various government agencies, to listen to the other side, our side, on this issue. Is it because of Donald Trump? We can’t say with certainty. But what we can say, is that government agencies are now listening to both sides, those wanting sanctuary state status, and those in opposition to sanctuary status. We may not be in a perfect place, be we are in a good place, compared to where we were.

For those that reject sanctuary state status, know this. While we may not be in a position to see exactly what we want, a United States of America free of any sanctuary states, we are at least now living in a United States where we are being listened to. Does this mean that some people aren’t calling us racist for wanting a safe and secure America? No, this still happens. This does mean however, that if you use your voice, and speak up about the issue, you will be heard.

If enough of us ban together, together, we can get the message across that sanctuary states are wrong, and they must go. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, stand with us in opposition to sanctuary states.


What About American Leverage?


Did you hear what Nancy Pelosi said recently? 


“A vote for the Democratic Party in the coming midterm elections would provide “leverage” to illegal immigrants.”


Did she say anything about leverage for Americans?




Nancy Pelosi held a press conference in El Paso, Texas, with immigrant-rights advocates, where she expressed her opposition to the president’s zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration.


Nancy Pelosi, along with almost every other democrat have sought to make immigration a focal point of the 2018 midterms. So if you think that you can afford to not care about this issue, or not get actively involved, politically, you’re part of the problem, not the solution.


The other side is mobilizing.


We must do the same.


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Texas Is Seeking To Restore The Rule of Law

Thank you Texas. 


Texas is seeking a nationwide injunction against the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA). DACA protects about 700,000 people from deportation.


Texas recognizes that it has an urgent legal duty to protect its citizens. Finally a state is standing up for Americans.


Why is Texas doing this? Why does Texas care about illegal immigration?


Texas spent approximately $376,000,000 to provide Emergency Medicaid services to unlawfully present aliens over the last 11 years. Texas recognizes that this money should have been spent on American citizens or legal immigrants.


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ICE – Federal Search Warrants In Nebraska, Minnesota and Nevada

ICE recently executed a series of criminal arrest warrants for individuals connected to an alleged criminal conspiracy to exploit illegal alien laborers for profit, fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. This was one of the largest raids of illegal immigrants involving multiple states, in the country’s history.


On one of our podcasts, American Jobs 4 Americans, our President & CEO read a letter to US employers, about the practice of hiring illegal immigrants, and even those legally here, but who aren’t citizens, like green card holders.


Our United Resource PAC recognizes that illegal immigration is getting out of control, and we urge our supports to let their anger serve as a motivational factor to get up and do something about the matter. We encourage people to start actively aligning themselves and their votes with politicians and policies that come down hard on companies that engage in the behavior of hiring illegal immigrants.


We recognize that had the other side had their way, the ICE investigation would not have happened and the perpetuation of disregard for the rule of law in America would have been continued. We are certain that open border sympathizers will be protesting about these arrests soon.


Recently, we also talked about the morality of illegal immigration on one of our podcasts, and how the illegal immigrants HAVE to break other laws to stay here. Many of the illegal immigrants arrested in connection with this investigation, were using fake ID’s belonging to U.S. citizens. Open border, lawless, illegal immigrant sympathizers care more about illegal immigrants coming to our country, stealing American identities, than they care about the Americans that are having their identities stolen.


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Letter To Employers Not Hiring American Workers

Dear American Employers:

President Donald Trump has prioritized revitalizing the American job market, but he can not do it alone, he needs your help. It is preferable that you request job applicants to either hold US citizenship or work authorization from the Federal Government. If you are not going to hire American Citizens, please hire employees whose work permits don’t expire. Please be informed, if you hire immigrants with green cards, and reject job applications for applicants who do not possess a green card, you are NOT discriminating against non-citizens.

Take comfort in knowing that companies like Discover Financial Services, Delta Air Lines Inc and Intel Corp are among those getting more skeptical about the citizenship of job applicants. Making this move for yourself, your company and our country will be done in lockstep with profitable, ethical corporations. Your company doesn’t have to be as large as Discover Financial Services or Delta Air Lines, you can still do your part to help revitalize the American job market.

We should be striving to find and develop homegrown talent. There is a massive skills gap our nation is facing. But, as a country that values both personal and shared responsibility, I ask of you one thing. Please reconsider those American job seekers who apply to your vacant positions, but only possess 80% of the skills, experience or education you desire, or require. Consider that you can take an individual, the right individual, and make an investment in them, in your company, and train them on the skills or education they lack, assuming the gap or costs are not too great. For job applicants that lack experience, but are running strong in the education and skills department, consider giving them an opportunity to gain experience, potentially on a contractual basis, with compensation tied to performance. Sometimes, the best people may not look the best on paper. If given the opportunity, the right candidates may turn out to be the best thing to happen to your company.

You play a vital role in the recovery of our economy, please don’t allow people to take jobs from U.S. workers. We have to end the theft of American prosperity, which has been brought on by low-wage immigrant labor.

Thank you.



Brittney McDowell

Our United Resource PAC Founder, President & CEO

No More Undocumented Immigrants

Do the terms undocumented worker, undocumented immigrant or undocumented person sound familiar? These terms are about to become obsolete.


Frankly, we’ve been playing semantics for far too long, it’s about time for the game to end. Here’s another phrase you’ve probably heard,  “no human is illegal“. In instances where this phrase is used, the person saying the phrase is implying that someone who says “illegal immigrant” is saying that the person is illegal. That their body is fake or that they are sub-human. That’s not at all what’s being said! What’s really being said, and should be better stated, is that real human people have failed to comply with the law. Maybe we should instead say “humans that have committed illegal acts“. Here’s another one we can say, “real people that have taken action in a manner incompatible with customary United States policy and procedure“.


So why is all of this important?


Well, yesterday, July 25, 2018, the Justice Department instructed attorneys to start using the phrase “illegal immigrants” instead of “undocumented immigrants”. The word games and communicative manipulation were ordered to cease.


Now, if you, among friends and family, want to use the term undocumented, you are free to do so. Although it’s strongly advised that you don’t, again, we don’t want to play into the word games, so that our words will be used against us. But when it comes to attorneys, people who practice law, they must now start using verbiage based in U.S. code, which does not use the word “undocumented” to describe someone’s illegal presence in our country.


We’d like to know, when it comes to illegal immigration, do you support this move by the Justice Department? Let us know what you think, by clicking the link below.


The Link: Click Here To Submit Your Answer