Our Changing Economy

It’s a long road to recovery!!

The pandemic halted almost all facets of business, impacting the economy terribly. With the emergence of vaccines and more effective management of individuals with the virus, Americans have commenced the road to recovery, however, it is going to be a long road to recovery, as the economy Americans had grown familiar with is now a thing of the past and is ever-changing.

The use of technology and other processes such as telework, remote work, automation have been sped up faster than they ought to be. This has directly and indirectly affected trends in society and the way Americans live and work. The markets would adjust to this new normal, but that is not expected to happen immediately. 

As expected, jobs with customer-facing and interaction positions have handled more than every other sector, and there is the need to constantly think outside the box to develop ways to carry on these roles. 

Furthermore, it is expected that while this journey is in progress, several people and groups would need support to make it through to the other side due to the difference in realities. 

Though trillions of dollars have been pumped into the economy, there is still the need to do much more as more Americans remain in a tight spot and are reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Hope is being placed on Congress to provide more stimulus and help Americans get through this phase.

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