Reconciliation vs. The Senate GOP

The desk of Senate minority leader – Mitch McConnell – has killed so many progress bills including the measure to increase survival checks at the 116th congress and thereafter. 

The Senate GOP referring to the Republican party insisted in this congress that they would not be bullied into advancing the checks. 

By the 117th congress, democrats provided more votes to this same cause than the republicans. Polling shows that 78% of Americans support the increased checks and blame Republicans, majorly McConnell for not allowing it to pass.

Senator Bernie Sanders believes that the votes are available to pass the bill needed for the survival checks once reconciliation is made. The most important part of this, if true, is that the Senate GOP will be completely bypassed, and calls for their votes will be unnecessary, as budget reconciliation will allow for bills to be passed by majority vote. Outside of reconciliation, a 60% vote is needed to move forward, however, with reconciliation, the debate is limited to 20 hours, following which, majority wins. Presently, Democrats hold a total of 50 seats in the 100 seat chamber and VP Kamala Harris would be extremely important in her role as senate president for the tie-breaking vote.

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