Not Caving

Democrats slammed the GOP’s $500 billion stimulus plan on Wednesday, calling it “emaciated” since it would leave out aid to states and rental assistance.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on CNN that Democrats are not caving to Republicans

“There’s a good chance they feel the pressure once they see the Democrats are not going to fold to this emaciated bill, which leaves so much out,” he said. “The pressure will mount on them.” “The crisis and the pain of the American people in the pandemic get greater and greater, and Republicans keep thinking smaller and smaller,” Schumer said. “And the reason is very simple — there are 20 Republicans in the Senate who want no money, so McConnell had to, in a very cynical exercise, put together something that would check the box, but left out so much.

Democrats have long championed their $3.4 trillion economic relief package that the House passed in May. It included aid to states, a second round of direct payments, and $100 billion in rental assistance among other priorities.

After negotiations fell through, the White House moved ahead in early August with a series of executive orders to boost unemployment benefits and enact a controversial payroll tax holiday. It also recently enacted an eviction moratorium through the end of the year.

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